Saint Andrew's have arranged a paying bus service for the benefit of our young people living in peripheral areas which has proved to be a success. This service is run subject to a satisfactory uptake. The cost with the present bus contractor (Doigs) is currently 80p per journey. At present we pick up young people from Riddrie, Craigend, Ruchazie and Barlanark. Another route takes in Carmyle and Tollcross. It may be possible to include additional routes to areas such as Garthamlock subject to a satisfactory demand. The Education Authority has a policy of providing free transport to Secondary pupils who live more than two miles from their local school by the recognised shortest walking route. This policy is more generous than the law requires. This means that the provision of transport could be reviewed at any time. Parents who consider they are eligible should obtain an application form from our school or Education Office. These forms should be completed and returned before the end of February for those pupils beginning school in August to enable the appropriate arrangements to be made. Applications may be submitted at any time throughout the year but may be subject to delay whilst arrangements are made.


It is the parents responsibility to ensure their child behaves in a safe and acceptable manner while boarding, travelling in and alighting from the vehicle. Misconduct on transport will be treated as a serious breach of discipline endangering the health and safety of others. Misbehaviour will result in your child losing the right to free transport.

Pick-up Points

Where free transport is provided it may be necessary for pupils to walk a certain distance to the vehicle pick-up point. Walking distance in total, including the distance from home to the pick-up point and from the drop-off point to the school in any one direction, will not exceed the authorities limits (see above paragraph). It is the parents responsibility to ensure that their child arrives at the pick-up point in time.

Transport for Placing Requests

The Education Authority does not provide transport for those pupils in receipt of a placing request other than in exceptional circumstances and where appropriate legislation applies.