In English you will be developing your reading, writing, talking and listening skills.  Classwork and homework includes studying texts: plays, novels, short stories, newspaper articles and poems. You will also write in a variety of styles including creative and informative writing.

The English course also helps to develop listening and thinking skills. Opportunities will be given to talk, give presentations and debate ideas. You will be asked to consider how your English and Literacy skills make links with other subjects you are studying at school and what you hope to do when you eventually leave school.

 We take an integrated approach to learning: your close reading (reading for understanding analysis and evaluation) will also develop your writing and talking skills.

Broad General Education: S1 - S3


In their first year of studying English, pupils continue working through the Broad General Education phase of their learning. The S1 course builds on the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills pupils have acquired in primary school, while also introducing learners to new and more complex concepts.  Homework includes our “Wild Week” Novel Project which provides our young people with an opportunity to develop a wide variety of writing styles.  


Our S2 English course encourages our young people to develop their writing skills by producing imaginative, persuasive, and personal pieces of greater complexity and depth than they have before.  They will also build their speaking skills by preparing and delivering solo talks and participating effectively in group discussions. They will do so more independently than in S1.  Homework includes our “Mystery Manor” novel project which encourages the development of creative writing skills.  


In their third year of studying English at St. Andrew’s, pupils come to the end of the Broad General Education phase of their learning. The S3 course builds on the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills pupils develop in S1 and S2, and prepares them for the challenges of the Senior Phase.  S3 pupils study a variety of texts and analyse them in close critical depth. Our young people will become more comfortable using proper critical terminology.  They continue to expand their understanding of language and literary technique through close reading exercises.  In third year pupils are expected to work more independently than in S2.