Social Subjects

Social Subjects are recognised as important and high achieving subjects in St Andrew’s. The faculty comprises three departments Geography, History and Modern Studies. The study of the past, the present and how our world was formed gives young people a deeper understanding of fundamental issues today. The three discrete departments each form crucial parts of the broad general education young people receive in St Andrew’s from S1-S3.


The study of Geography, allows our young people to gain an appreciation of the world they live in and are made more aware of significant global issues including how mankind has shaped his environment and may be damaging it through climate change.

Broad General Education: S1 - S3

In S1 – S3 Geography our young people learn about a range of topics:

  • S1 – People & Places, Threats to Our Planet
  • S2 – South America, Asia, Africa & the Cold Lands
  • S3 - Climate change, Scotland, Environmental hazards
  • S3 - Health