Like all the Arts, Drama allows students to communicate with and understand each other in new ways. It is also an important tool for preparing young people to live and work in an ever-changing society and helps students develop a broad range of social skills including tolerance and empathy.

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From S1 – S3, learners in Drama continue progressing through the Experiences and Outcomes of the Broad General Education and developing their understanding of the subject.  
Classes are of mixed ability and range from levels 3 to 4 of the Scottish Curriculum. They follow planned learning in accordance with the benchmarks set out by the Government and three significant aspects of learning – creating, presenting and evaluating. Their experiences are also structured so that they progress at their own pace. The course includes various units of work including:

  • Mime and Movement  
  • Voice Skills  
  • The Drama Process  
  • Character Development  
  • Theatre Arts  

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Nationals, Higher, Advanced Higher & NPA

Within the senior phase S4 -6 pupils will develop the knowledge and skills required to be successful in achieving National Qualifications at the end of each school year. For most courses this will require them to sit both a practical performance exam in front of an external examiner and theory-based examination within the final exam diet. Currently we offer Drama at all levels as well as an NPA in Acting and Performance which is at SCQF level 6. The NPA allows students to focus and build their acting and performance skills. There is no theory based final examination for this course.

Course Descriptor & Outline for each course

Success for senior phase Drama requires a great amount of commitment from our young people. Extra rehearsals after school and lunchtime will be arranged by students showing initiative and ownership over their learner journey. Evening theatre trips will also be organised. This commitment is vitally important to not only their progression but will also greatly impact the other learners within their course.   
A new SQA requirement for Higher Drama is for young people to experience a live theatrical production to analyse as part of their written exam. This is an exciting and highly valuable opportunity for our students and attendance is compulsory for success.  


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