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Are you worried about something that’s happening to you?

Do you need help right now?

It’s not always easy to admit it but we all need help sometimes. If you’ve got a problem or something you’re worried about you'll find lots of people and places that can help here.

REMEMBER – whatever the problem is, talking about it can be the first step to solving it. If there’s an adult you trust like a parent, carer or a teacher talk to them first about what’s happening.

Report to CEOP

Talk to Childline

Contact Social Media sites

Worried About A Friend

If you’re worried about a friend, talking to them about it can be a real help.

It can be really tricky – even a bit nerve wracking - to know how to start a conversation.

Remember - people often want to talk about a problem but wait until they’re asked.

What if they don’t want to talk?

If they are bottling things up inside it might be because they are scared of talking about what’s going on. Sometimes people find it hard to talk because:

  • They think they’ll get in trouble

  • They think you or other people will judge them

  • They are being told by someone not to talk about a problem

You should never force someone to talk about a problem. If they don’t want to talk, let them know you’re always there to listen. Maybe they’ll change their mind later on.

Remember – you can support your friend by listening to them but a lot of problems you won’t be able to solve on your own.

Always seek support from an adult you trust if you think your friend is unsafe.

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Further Information

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