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Technical Department

The Design and Technology faculty at St Andrew’s is a forward-thinking department that is focused on providing learning experiences that build essential skills for modern life. The department incorporates design, craft, and graphic skills, so it is a diverse and interesting place to learn.

We cover subjects that are focused on the creation of items that solve problems, like:

  • 3D designed products
  • 2D/3D designed graphics
  • Crafted products in Wood , Metal and plastics
  • Designed & Manufactured products 

The faculty offers a wide range of subjects, with pupils getting a wide range of experiences in S1 and S2 that prepare them for more specialised work, firstly at the end of the BGE phase in S3 then into certificated subjects in S4/5/6:

  • S1/2/3 Design and Technology BGE (Graphic Communication, Design & Manufacture, Practical Craft)
  • Design and Manufacture (National 4 & 5 and Higher)
  • Graphic Communication (National 4 & 5 and Higher)
  • Practical Woodworking (National 4 & 5)
  • Practical Metalworking  (National 4 & 5)

To do this we utilise a huge range of technologies as tools, ranging from the most basic hand tools to high level Computer Graphic. Our focus is building the skills of our pupils in the use of these ‘tools’ to solve problems in the best way possible and to build on skills that will enable young people to enter the word of work with confidence and a wide range of abilities..

Our teachers have a vast range of experience which they draw upon when working with pupils. We have experience from product design, mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering, graphics, architecture, industries, as well as a huge amount of experience in learning and education.

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St. Andrew's RC Secondary
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St Andrew's RC Secondary
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