Chemistry Department

Our highly successful Faculty is committed to advancing the attainment of our youngsters through high quality and innovative teaching processes that create exciting learning opportunities for all.

In line with our whole school Vision of Excellence, the focus of the work of the Faculty of Science is the learning and development of youngsters in all courses and levels.

Our vision is one of:
  • Pupils who are capable, ethical citizens of the world, distinguished by their knowledge of Science, their engagement with the subject and their problem solving capabilities.
  • Teaching practice that is recognised within the school community for its originality and rigour; a Science Staff that inform and lead professional practice.
  • An Environment that challenges, enthuses and supports all to learn and excel
  • To strengthen and sustain our capacity to realise this vision our Staff will actively seek to expand upon their Professional Development, ensuring that every youngster in our care is afforded the best possible Science education.

Through learning in Chemistry, learners develop their interest in and understanding of the world. They will engage in a wide range of investigative tasks, which allows them to develop important skills to become creative, inventive and enterprising, in a world where the skills and knowledge developed by Chemistry are needed across all sectors of society. Learners develop skills of scientific inquiry, investigation and analytical thinking, along with knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

Our Courses encourage resourcefulness, which leads to becoming a confident individual. Successful learners in Chemistry think creatively, analyse and solve problems. Through studying Chemistry in St Andrew’s we produce responsible citizens, through studying the impact it makes on their lives, on the environment, and on society.

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