Religious and Moral Department

The aim of Religious Education in St Andrew’s Secondary is to engage our young people in high quality Core Religious Education and promote our ethos based on Gospel Values.

  • Pupils are provided with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of significant aspects of the Catholic Faith and communicate this effectively.
  • Develop the skills to think critically and relate their thinking to daily life.  
  • Encouraged to reflect spiritually and think ethically, making informed decisions in relation to matters of morality.
  • Opportunities for pupils to participate and lead in charitable and campaigning events centred on the sanctity of human life.
  • Support the place of prayer and reflection in school and participate in, liturgy and religious observance.

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St. Andrew's RC Secondary
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St Andrew's RC Secondary
47 Torphin Crescent
G32 6QE

Phone: 0141 582 0240
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