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Health and Food Technology is an essential subject in the curriculum. It is a fast evolving subject which has strong links between the topics of Diet & Health, Personal Hygiene, Safe Working Practices, Design, Physical needs of Individuals, and of course Practical Food Skills.  It is a subject which has the overwhelming advantage of pupils “learning by doing” which complements the more academic areas of the subject.

Much of the emphasis of Health and Food Technology is on developing initiative, organisation and management skills – all of which are highly desirable qualities when it comes to employment opportunities regardless of career choice. When pupils become home-makers in their own right, the skills of management and organisation are even more important.

The techniques used in Health and Food Technology often use a problem solving approach, contributing to the four capacities in Curriculum for Excellence. 

In the Health and Food Technology course there is also an opportunity to work as part of a group, thus developing interpersonal, self-awareness, negotiating and cooperation skills. 

In today’s fast changing society, with more and more sophisticated equipment being available to all, an ability to follow instructions is of paramount importance if the user is to get the best from the equipment. Health and Food Technology develops the ability to interpret instructions, and to follow them. The creative and aesthetic appreciation of the pupils is greatly enhanced for a job well done.

Pupils are encouraged to evaluate their performance, and modify actions/decisions in the light of this evaluation – thus developing self-critical skills, and an ability to accept constructive feedback.  

Citizenship is a key area in education today – and where better to learn about family and community responsibilities than in a subject which is focused on these areas. Traditional roles within the family and community are ever changing, so any subject which cam focus on the complex diversity, and the dynamics of home and family as a major unit in our social structure has a considerable contribution to make.

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