Social Subjects

Social Subjects are recognised as important and high achieving subjects in St Andrew’s. The faculty comprises three departments Geography, History and Modern Studies. The study of the past, the present and how our world was formed gives young people a deeper understanding of fundamental issues today. The three discrete departments each form crucial parts of the broad general education young people receive in St Andrew’s from S1-S3.

Modern Studies

The study of Modern Studies involves pupils studying different political systems and theories as well as current affairs and is crucial in ensuring that our young people develop into responsible citizens with an appreciation of the rights and freedoms we have which are often taken for granted.

Broad General Education: S1 - S3

Our young people are exposed to a variety of issues affecting the world today:

  • S1 - Citizenship (Human Rights and Democracy)
  • S2 - Rich World Poor World & The Terrorism unit
  • S3 - Democracy in Scotland and the UK
  • S3 - Social Inequalities – Wealth and Health
  • S3 - International Issues – The USA