Music Department

The Performing Arts Faculty within St Andrew’s Secondary is a vibrant, energetic, exciting, fun and inclusive place to learn and develop your creative skills.

Music education allows learners of all ability to have rich opportunities to be creative and to experience inspiration and enjoyment as well as enhancing intellectual development and enriching their academic environment.   The music curriculum is accessible to all learners and offers a great deal of personalisation and choice within the classroom.

What clubs and extracurricular activities can I take part in?

Whither you are into music or drama (or both) there is something for everyone to enjoy and take part in. There is a variety of extra-curricular activities on offer to all young people. There are multiple bands and ensembles (Junior Concert Band, Senior Concert Band, Jazz Club, String Ensemble and Quartet, Guitar Ensemble, Choir and Percussion Ensemble). Every year the faculty performs numerous concerts including the annual Christmas Concert and Pantomime for winter, Spring Concert and School Show for the summer..

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St. Andrew's RC Secondary
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St Andrew's RC Secondary
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Phone: 0141 582 0240
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